Salesforce Lightning Services

Our Salesforce Lightning Services, comes up with the best and most efficient strategy for migrating to Lightning. Our experts also possess the expertise as well implementation experience to develop custom Lightning components that follow the security guidelines for AppExchange publishing.

Our Salesforce Lightning services include:-

Specialized Lightning Consulting

Our Lightning specialists will factor in your inputs and come up with a suitable strategy to use Lightning Components as well as user experience to ramp up your revenues and profits.

Building Lightning apps

In Salesforce, every client is exceptionally related to a username, secret key, and profile. Together with different settings, the profile figures out which undertakings a client can perform, what information the client can see, and what the client can do with the information.

Lightning readiness check

We help you assess whether the Lightning Experience is a correct choice for your Salesforce implementation. If it is indeed suitable we proceed to submit you a Lightning Experience roadmap.

Lightning Process Automation

We provide help to automate your business processes to ramp up efficiency manifold harnessing the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder.

Implementation and deployment of Lightning Experience

We help Salesforce customers to move to lightning, implement it as per need and deploy the same. One aspect of deployment we provide is giving fresh training to existing users as well as administrators.

Migration from Classic to Lightning

We conduct seamless migration making sure no data is lost and users don’t have to experience inconvenience.

How does our Salesforce Lightning service help?

Our Salesforce Lightning service offers superior productivity, smarter operations, enhanced user experience as well as the reduced time period to create apps. We help you easily transition to Lightning smoothly and in minimum time. Whether yours is a new Salesforce Implementation or you are migrating from Classic to Lightning we help you install Lightning without disrupting your business.

Lightning components offer a client-server framework perfect for use with the Salesforce Lightning Experience as well as with the Salesforce mobile app. It speeds up development along with ramping up app performance. Now you can create apps not needing code employing the bespoke and off-the-shelf Lightning codes. Now administrators have the ability to fashion customer user interfaces with the code being absent.

This is our step by step operation:

Outlining and identifying the success matrix

Performing a pilot group along with a system gap analysis

Planning envisioned the business impact

Doing a Lightning readiness evaluation

Making users aware